Music Review //
La Faute
"Blue Girl Nice Day"

The music of La Faute very much matches the mood of this video and it is one which can be easy to explain if you've ever been through this.   Images in the music video come through in black and white, greyscale and also sepia tone.   They feel very somber, just relaxing but also just very simple and one dimensional.   It paints a definite type of scene since there are no real strong colors.  

Musically, La Faute has this slow acoustic way about making music.   It's like Sarah McLachlan but also modernized.  It's sad in a lot of ways, but that's kind of the point.  There is a lot of melody within here though- especially within the singing- and I think that helps pick the song up some, even if the lyrics aren't meant to be happy.  

I like to think of the idea of "Blue Girl Nice Day" as being about living with depression even when times are good.   "Blue Girl" would reflect someone who is depressed, while "Nice Day" would be about how the sun is shining and you should have no cares in the world.  This is often one of the biggest misconceptions of mental illness- as people wonder why others are depressed when things seem to be going so well for them.

It's a complicated situation which I do not wish to really do a deep dive into, but just because the sun is shining and everything appears well on the surface it doesn't mean that depression just goes away.  This song could quite possibly be a reminder or a way for others to understand that and if it does that then it's worth it but if even one person with depression relates with it then it's done so much more.  


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