Music Review //
Robert Jon & The Wreck
"Shine a Light On Me Brother (Live)"


One of the best things about music is that how you listen to it entirely depends upon you.  If you want to sit in your room with headphones on by yourself or go to a crowded show (or anything in between) you can!  I've always believed that the best way to experience music was in a live setting and if Robert Jon & The Wreck are not coming to city near you currently or you just want to relive the magic, then this video is a good place to start.

Robert Jon & The Wreck have announced that they will release their first ever live DVD on April 21st, perhaps the closest experience you can get to a concert without leaving your house.   "Shine a Light On Me Brother" is a taste of that, as the video features the song being performed by the band.   While Robert Jon & The Wreck seem to have a classic rock n roll sound mixed with some of that gospel soul, it definitely seems to translate live.

Something I don't think people talk about enough is how musicians might be better live than on record.   And while I enjoy the music of Robert Jon & The Wreck, if you've happened to listen to any of their songs and just thought "This isn't for me", I do feel like this would be the perfect example of a band that you would still be able to see live and have a good time because that's where they seem to also have their most energy.

During this music video, you can see how the music takes over and the crowd begins to clap along.  Just that feeling of being connected with not only the artist on the stage but everyone else in that crowd is what makes the live experience so special.   Even without being there in person, but just by watching this video you can see that.   The way musicians connect with their fans at shows is important and Robert Jon & The Wreck seem to have perfected it.  


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