Cassette Review //
"Food For Hornets"
(Redscroll Records)

In many ways, this EP was my first time hearing Perennial, though they have both an EP and a full length album which came before this.   With four songs, "Food For Hornets" does a really great job of capturing what the sound of Perennial is all about.   Right away, with the titular track it gets into that punk rock feel with guitars and somewhat of screaming the words.  

There are so many different genres I feel like you could put Perennial in and still not fully grasp their overall sound.  Punk is a good place to start, as it has those chords like The Hives.  I hear a bit of Refused in here and in a more mainstream light we could even say The White Stripes.  But it has that "art rock" or "art punk" idea that's like Be Your Own Pet.  

At times, it gets heavier and that makes me think about Kane Hodder (the band) and how much I miss them.  But the fun thing about this cassette and these four songs is that it can also drop off into something else entirely.  Sometimes it feels like it's swirling around, a magical carnival ride getting somewhat trippy in the psychedelics.  Other times it just feels like it's electronic with the beeping and booping.

But that's what makes this sound and Perennial so special.   If it felt like it was just going down this one track- and let's face it that path in and of itself is fairly complicated- then it'd still be a sound worth listening to for sure.  It's in the way that sound can change and evolve which makes it stand out and unlike anything else out there.  This just needs to be heard to be believed.   


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