Cassette Review //
German Army
"Allocations Of The American Nile"

Back and forth tones bring in this unruly sort of percussion.  It feels like we're in the jungle, as sounds like animals moaning come through with hissing of distortion and just the general rhythm gives off those vibes.   More industrial beats come through now on the next song, as the tones come through somewhat haunted but also fast paced, like we're driving past them.   It still has that feeling of being tribal.

With those haunted tones there is a shaking, like a ghost cowboy walking with the spurs jingling.   This shifts to more acoustic sounding percussion and voices can somewhat be heard singing within all of this as well.   The tones now just feel like they're ripping away the flesh.   Synth tones cut through now, as if being shot into space.   This takes us into sounds like space, which echo and fade.  

Tones come through now which certainly feel like piano keys but they still maintain that feeling of being in space.   Big distorted beats come in now as well and this one just feels like we're out there, without gravity, jumping around and having fun.   Tones come through slower now, more dragged out where it feels like they're just expanding throughout the entire space.   Those break beats are back now and it seems like someone is singing back there as well.

On the flip side we open with those jungle beats but then the distortion shoots through like lightning.  It can feel like scraping now and then that static returns with singing.   The beats come through bigger now, louder and with ohms behind them.   It almost feels like we're getting into that Miami Vice type of deal, but not quite there.   There is definitely singing behind this now and it's quite trippy.

What feels like an electronic word being repeated comes through next with these slithering tones and just an overall eerie feeling bound with big break beats.   The further we get into this side, the more there is ringing and it feels like a haunted detective show.  At times, it feels like it's going to become like Miami Vice still, but it still feels haunted with the whirrs and whooshes behind it all.

The beats hit now and echo like something straight out of a horror film.   This somehow all converges into this just beautiful set of tones that are higher pitched and feel like the stars flashing at each other in an angelic light.   Percussion comes in from behind and it feels very much like we're going to start marching and then it all just sort of drifts away.

Bigger beats come through now with these tones that just make me feel like we're going into a pop song from the 1980's.   It's sort of new wave but slowed down.   Tones come in that feel like a sitar and this one has just become somewhat hypnotic in the way that you could meditate while listening to it, but not too intensely because it is getting louder as well.  

Quieter now, the beats get a little bit trill.   Laser blasts come through and this one takes on an ambient tone with ringing at the same time.   It feels like the end of some great space war, with debri just floating around in space.   The tones slowly hum to an end and just feel like such a complete conclusion.  


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