Cassette Review //
"jello world"


I would like to preface this review by saying that this is 100% the type of music that Quentin (age 11) enjoys because it's like making video games into songs.   It starts off with these blissed out tones that make me think of video games but then the percussion comes in to make it feel more like a song.  When I think of 8bit music (do they still call it "chiptune"?) I generally just think of the sounds made by the beeping and such, but this has more of a full band feel to it.  

Through nice melodies, this cassette also has sounds that remind me of Mario jumping and collecting coins.   It's the perfect balance of having that 8bit sound but also a rock sound like The Advantage.    Synths come in and it can take on more of an electronic trance feel, but then it goes right back into what I think of as being like those NES type of games where you'd just walk and punch things to death.

The beats on here are very real.  Feelings of Pong with beeping, lots of beeping.  An audio clip comes in as a loop, and then it grows faster paced which makes me think about skramz if it was video game style.   This is a very fun ride through earth and space, crossing galaxies even.  At times I hear the sound when you fall down a hole and die and I've always disliked doing that, especially in the original Super Mario Bros.

I've listened to a lot of music and I've heard my fair share of music which reminds me of video games as well.   But I've never quite heard what you could isolate as a video game effect and use it in a song the way that vacationland does on this cassette.   It's less like a video game and more like a rock song, but yet you recognize the sounds from video games so it just creates this new genre and new concept inside of your mind. 


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