Cassette Review //
lastoctober / Void Puppet
"Hits from the Abyss"

This cassette begins with some electronics that sound like going back and forth between radio frequencies, but it quickly turns into this massive amount of distortion which just feels like an explosion.   As the static slows down, a piano enters and this seems to be that type of sound that is finding the beauty within the chaos.   As the pianos fade, the static grows louder and takes over the entire song.

Pure electricity makes it feel as if we're in a storm, though there are these somewhat sad back and forth tones behind this.   Bursts of static come through now as the electronics are back there making all sorts of beeping and just give off the overall feeling of robotics.   Though it slows to the end, it comes back much louder at first.  Moments of minimal sound are combined with some very in your face noise.  

Everything is reduced to a piano part which has a very somber and sad way about it.  It goes on for just long enough before a certain amount of noise comes blasting through, making it feel as if the sadness is at war with something greater, something louder.   The way the piano turns from notes to chords with all of the other sounds coming down at the same time just feels so powerful, as it comes to a slower, minimal stop before growing more intense.  

On the flip side we start with some distortion and there is almost this beeping but it sounds like muted words.   This does become distorted words and then the static grows as well.   It becomes screeching and just feels like glitching video games.   This also comes in on the next song which has that wavy Atari feel about it.   Whirrs are coming in like aliens now and it just feels like we're in flight.  

Quieter now, it feels as if we're walking outside.   Beeps come out in a sequence which also has this vocal groan in it.  This descends into what feels like strings falling apart with the static.  A ringing glitch now and it feels like we have a motor going, like Pole Position.   Parts of this drop off and it feels like some pretty heavy industrial electronics.   This comes through in strong waves which feel like the end of a video game.

Some of that static is back with beeping on the next song.   The electronics come through harsh now, with loud beeping that really pierces the ears.   There is a darker rhythm to this now, a sort of bass drive and then the electronics return just as sharp as before.  Ultimately, this sound feels like it's rocking back and forth as it grinds us to the end of the cassette.  


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