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The music of apollonio is enough to make you feel comfortable while at the same time not sounding exactly like a nostalgic act.   With the drum machines and sax, this has a certain sound about it that could be a slower synthwave melody.  But then, by the end of the song, there is this really dreamy guitar part that just sort of takes us away.

When listening to this song, I am reminded both of songs from movies such as "Better Off Dead" and other films of the 1980's, but also "Empire Records" which is very much a 1990's film.  The way it crosses those two time periods is not easy to do but I could see it being a part of either soundtrack and some point during the films.  There is also just enough of something else within this sound that makes it feel modern.

The subject of this song, "Scars", is a tricky subject.  Sometimes people are not so forthcoming with their scars.  And you should never really ask someone about their scars (it's rude) but there is also the idea that scars can be both physical and emotional.  Of course, the physical scars are often times easier to notice.

There is a line which is in this song more than once: "The stories you carry, I admire" and that really stuck with me.   I feel like if we see our scars in a negative light, they are mostly there because we put them there.  But with the idea of that lyric, you can kind of see your scars as a story and most importantly something that you survived.  


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