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While music has a way of making me feel nostalgic, this song by Gideon King & City Blog makes me feel a different type of nostalgia.   If you listen to certain songs by Stone Temple Pilots- and specifically those of Scott Weiland- I think if Scott Weiland was around making music in his later years (at age 60 or so) it might have sounded something like this song.  I'm not completely certain why, it's just this feeling that I get.

"Splinters" has this easy listening / coffee shop jazz way about it, but in the chorus it can get more technical and feel more complex.  There might be elements you can stretch out of it- like a certain Death Cab For Cutie song- if you really need to reach for that mainstream comparison, but overall Gideon King & City Blog just keep making music that has their own take on it.  

The line "Feel me as I take out all your splinters" feels a bit like something that takes me back to being a kid and having one of my parents using tweezers to do just that.  I'm not sure why, but I feel like both as an adult I don't get as many splinters as I did when I was younger and I just don't feel like kids today get as many splinters as kids did when I was growing up.  Do the kids even know about splinters anymore?

Projecting a vibe that is both relaxing and upbeat at the same time, this song could serve that purpose of something you put on when you're moving around a lot but also something you can use to kind of unwind after those activities as well.   Because of that and for other reasons within the song, I just feel like this could be played at any time and should be played as often as possible.  


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