Music Review //
Vanessa Mood
"Work Things Out"

Every time I hear a song which sounds like this- and it's not often- I think about the 1990's and how we don't really have artists that sound like this cross between R&B and pop music.   From someone such as En Vogue or TLC to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey- I just don't hear them in the modern music that's on the radio and that's a shame.  But Vanessa Mood has brought me back to those days with this song.

Aside from that feeling of hearing a familiar sound I wish I heard more of these days, this song is also refreshing in the lyrics because it is about as the title says: "Work Things Out".  There are so many songs out there about splitting up and if not that then they're about how much you don't like who you're with and maybe even about wanting to be with someone else.  

But when it comes to relationships, songs seem to have two defaults: you're either happy or you're unhappy and you want out.  This is a rather upbeat song musically, so I like that the general tone to this song also just sets the whole process up in a positive light.   For all we hear about people breaking up, I'm glad we have a song now about working it out and sticking together through the good times and the bad.

Fully realizing that we're in the year 2023, I can still picture a music video for this inside of my head and it has that 1990's party way about it.   This is also most definitely the type of song I would've bought from the record store in the mall as a cassingle and then later on down the line ordered the full album on cassette from Columbia House.  Whether you see this as nostalgia or in present tense though, it is still important just to remember the message.  


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