Music Review //
"Look Up At The Stars"

The music of NAKAMURA Hiroyuki is largely piano-based.   It starts off with this cool, calming way about it where it feels like someone is just playing the piano to keep the room at ease.  However, as it goes on, through songs such as "Lay", the pace begins to quicken.  It has this heavy bass part with it as well, which just makes it feel like the score to a film and we are fleeing.

From the frantic we go to the beeping on "Get Rid Of My Anxiety", which reminds me of a train and I imagine we are on that train to escape whoever was chasing us.  This can certainly feel as if it is telling a story- a movie can play out in your mind- and before it ends, the song "Tomtom" can bring out these distorted sounds which feel like guitar notes.  

Whatever you do while you listen to this album, it just feels like that experience would be made better.  You can do something involving movement- such as driving or exercise- but you could also be perfectly still.  In either case, I hope this paints pictures inside of your head that will help you to not only hear this music but see it as well.  


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