Music Review //
James Bishop

James Bishop has created a song called "Bones" which is somewhere between the sound of electronics glitching and the sound of a hymn.   Ultimately, this song consists of electronics, but the way they come in not only sets the mood for the entire song but makes it feel as if they are cracking through like thunder, while coming out in bursts like a glitch.

The sound feels somewhat minimal, as it is a softer sound, more intense than loud.  It hits hard sometimes for just one note, but then there is also this part where it becomes quiet and only the vocals can be heard for a little while.  Somewhat haunting, a lot of powerful vibes come through in this song as it just commands the presence of its listeners.

More recently than not I've become fascinated by human anatomy.  As this song sings: "I want to know the life within my bones" it makes me think about how not just humans but animals can live and die while their bones go on.  It makes me wonder why we aren't made of something better, something which can keep us alive for as long as these bones remain on this earth.  I know it's complicated, but it makes me wonder.

I hear this song in the way that someone who digs up dinosaur bones might.   Imagine how long it has been since dinosaurs (minus birds) have roamed this earth and yet we're still finding their bones.  The fact that we can leave something behind, long after we're gone, is what really fascinates me and what this song is perhaps really about.  Hopefully James Bishop can help you find the legacy in your bones.  


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