Music Review //
Christee Palace
"Love Me Better"

The music of Christee Palace on this song reminds me of the band Fun.  There is this sort of speaking/singing way in the verses with a big chorus, background vocals and it just feels like it echoes.   While it is possible that others have used this style, I still think of it as filling amphitheaters by Fun.

As this feels like an uplifting anthem, it can be thought in the same way based on the lyrics.  There is an important part of life when it comes to relationships that a lot of people don't understand and it's about loving yourself before loving anyone else or before anyone else can love you back.  

In this song, Christee Palace discusses how she can love herself better than anyone else can and that is also an important part of finding someone else to share your life with.  You want to know important things such as what this other person brings to the table.  As long as you know your value and worth, you should be able to spot those time wasters from a mile away.

We may not always love ourselves the most and typing words can be as easy as singing along with this song but that doesn't make it any easier to do.   But should you ever find yourself in that situation where you don't know whether or not someone adds to your life, just put this song on and do some reflecting.  


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