Music Review // WAASH "There's Never Enough Voices"

The sound of WAASH is fast paced and it feels like punk rock but not.  I'm pretty sure this is what would be referred to as post punk, as elements of Billy Idol, The Cure and even Tom Petty somehow come out within this sound.   It has a moment where it kicks and there's also a sweet guitar solo.

Perhaps this is post punk or some sort of -wave because when I hear it I think about bands who came out in the 1980's and 1990's, on cassette, and had this type of sound.   Though not entirely the same it fits in well with a band such as Modern English.   If you were compiling songs from 1982 (when "I'll Stop the World to Melt With You" came out) and put this on there many wouldn't be the wiser.

In the present tense this reminds me a lot of Midnight Psychic, but there aren't really a lot of other bands out there right now making this sound.  It's almost borderline goth as well, and that's one of those aspects to it where I feel like it's in the minority of music right now because that's just something that is overall not out there as much as it could be.

Whether it feels like this type of music isn't out there enough or at all, the fact is that WAASH have a song right now that fits a lot of genres that I like.   If you want to playlist this song with a number of other punk songs it will fit right in.   But if you also want to put it with the spooky/scary type of Halloween songs it will feel right at home there as well. 


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