Music Review // Mylie Taylor "BETTER YET"

Mylie Taylor has approached some sensitive subjects in a rather direct manner and I think that's good.  While "BETTER YET" feels like a pop song which can be heard on the radio, the thoughts of suicide and discussions of mental health aren't always as much in the foreground.  They're often times seen as being attributed to a certain type of people, so I definitely feel like this song is going to help spread awareness.

A big pop anthem, Mylie Taylor channels P!nk and others you might want to find influence in, but the real story here is also within the lyrics.   With lines such as: "Am I selfish? Suicidal? / At least I'm not in denial" there are no mistakes as to what is being discussed in this song- it's not open to interpretation- but also the idea of not being in denial might help others come around and realize that it's okay to not be okay and it's also okay to ask for help.

The chorus has the lines: "I don't want you to forget / That I'm not better yet" and I think this is also a very important part of the process dealing with mental health.  Sometimes people on the outside (or inside) think that opening up, asking for help, etc will make you better.  Sometimes people think if you have a hospital stay then when you're released you're automatically better.  But it's a process.  It takes time and people- everyone involved- just has to take it day by day.

Life is tough.  There is a lot out there trying to weigh us down.  And though mental health issues can stem from chemical imbalances, life can throw distractions in your way that don't make it any easier and sometimes the drugs don't work.  "BETTER YET" is just such a strong way to explore mental health and a lot of what comes with it that many other artists are not as open about.  


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