Music Review // Bad Veins "Wendy"

When I think about people named Wendy the first two who come to mind are from "Peter Pan" and "Casper The Friendly Ghost".   Bad Veins has a song here which seems to be about someone specific named Wendy in their life, but when I hear lines like "You're my only friend" I can't help but think of Casper still.

Somewhat synthpop, somewhat synth rock, Bad Veins has a fairly upbeat style to this sound though it also can feel dark because this song is, ultimately, about missing someone.   It reminds me of Blue October but also The Killers.   There is a certain anthem-like style to the way this all sounds.   When it comes to missing someone, this could definitely be the anthem for that as we all have a Wendy somewhere out there.

This music video is quite lovely in how it represents the song.  We can see someone playing the music and singing, but at the same time there is this footage of a woman who we assume is Wendy playing as well.   The visuals of Wendy look like they're being played on an old projector, as they also cover over other images, and it just gives this idea of someone watching these old home  movies and feeling nostalgic.  Even if we don't have the precise physical tools, our memories can act like this film.

The chorus of "Wendy" takes on the deepest meaning, as it sings "Wendy I grow more afraid / I'm drifting further every day".   We mustn't just think about this song in terms of missing someone but also to the extent that as we lose contact with people we slowly begin to forget them, to drift away.   When this is unwanted it can become painful and so I feel that this song by Bad Veins should serve as a reminder to keep in touch so you don't have to miss people you care about.


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