Music Review // Fellow Camper "Satellites" (feat. Meredith Moon)

Right away I enjoy the sound of Fellow Camper because not only is it unique but it fits the whole idea of the name Fellow Camper.   This song has a focus on vocals over everything else, as they are the loudest part of the song, but it feels like there are some acoustics behind it.  Now there also feels like there is some light percussion, but otherwise this could be that type of campground song.

Even more than just thinking about this being played with an acoustic guitar around a campfire, you have to imagine this song as being so isolated in the woods.  But you're surrounded by the trees except for directly above you where this exists this hole.   And through that hole you can see the black night sky with all of the stars and other wonders in space on full display..

I love how this entire mood can be set by the song but also there is a chorus of "And we turn" repeated.   As much as you can feel relaxed being at nature and just the whole idea of what I've already set up for this song, the idea of being a satellite in space and turning just also can make you feel like such a small part and large part of this universe at the same time.  

It's odd but you have to imagine how many people exist in this world, like stars in the sky, and how many of them know who you are.  Not a lot, right?  Which makes you feel small and unimportant.   But then, when you think about it in the perspective of those who do know who you are, well that just makes it all that much more special and you should feel more important to them and them to you. 


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