Music Review // CON THE ARTIST "Life Of The Party"

CON THE ARTIST has a way of blending pop with elements of rock and hip hop.   This has that sort of AJR feel to it, in a radio sense, but it also just exists on some other levels which would have it standing out on the radio.  Hearing this song, hearing this sound, you should just be able to relate it with CON THE ARTIST because it doesn't seem to sound like anything else.

This song is a lot of fun because it explores how a couple can have a relationship and be different when together than with other people.  The song specifically talks about how to you, his girlfriend might seem polite and quiet, but with him she's the life of the party.   When together, she can be naughty and more uninhabited.   It's always the quiet ones.

During the course of this music video, you can see a mannequin going from being unreal to an actual living human.   In some ways, this music video reminds me of the film "Lars and the Real Girl".   It's just that idea that when you go to someone else's house for dinner or some other event, she seems to quiet and not life-like.   But when they're together, she comes alive and is more of herself.

In some broad sense of the lyrics, I think this song has a lot to do with social anxiety as well.  The idea of being comfortable around one person and letting more of your true self out and being less comfortable in a group setting is something that is also very real.   I am someone who gets a lot of anxiety in large groups of people in general, so this is just a good anthem for the socially awkward as well.  


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