Cassette Review // LEKAYMI "LEKAYMI"

The first sounds on this cassette feel like we're in this music box and it continues with these electronics which can become disconnected.  In some sense, this has an angelic feeling, as if we're floating into the sky, and what sounds like vocals can come with it as well.   I feel like if you took certain ambient / drone music and sped it up then it could sound a bit like this.

Notes come through next as the drift into the abyss.   Words are spoken as well now, as the tones shift and shake.   A combination of the words and the music just makes this feel haunted.   There is a sense to this sound as well which is distortion and that makes me feel like we're just in a haze.   The next song drops off with notes cutting through.   Laughing now, as well.

As the sound echoes through and fades, straight up screaming is coming through now.  This feels like what you'd expect to hear walking by a witch in a haunted house.   At the same time it can feel like we're on this carnival ride, which makes it even more exciting.  

On the flip side the notes come through in a complex way and speaking can be heard behind them.   This loop feels both dreamy and psychedelic at the same time.   Slower notes come through in the next song, as singing comes with it.   This continues to feel haunted.  Then it drifts off into electronic distortion.  


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