Music Review // Norma MacDonald "The Heart Wants"

The music of Norma MacDonald is rock with a bit of country in it.   The ratio is something that changes throughout the song and by the end there's this electronic part which seems to launch off into space, just even further making the overall sound different.   But there are strong elements of that twang which makes me think of country music.

On the grand scale of things, this song reminds me of Counting Crows.  And not just because of lines like "And it's just another day here in this town" but because of the overall mood of the music as well.   Throughout this song there is also this sound of bells.  I'm not sure what the proper name is for it, but when percussionists have that leather strap with all the bells on it, that sound of being hit is what feels like it's in this song.

The lyrics can feel fairly straight forward, with the line of "The heart wants what it wants", but I feel like this is still a message which needs to be put into the world.  Far too often I feel like in modern times anyone who has a negative opinion of something is seen as a "hater" and can in many ways become bullied.  But it's okay to not like things and, in a respectful manner, more people need to embrace that.

When it comes to music whether or not you like a song can often be based on what the heart wants.   Norma MacDonald has created a song here though that whatever other labels you want to put on it, this is just easy on the ears.   If you put this one on during a party I don't think anyone would object but I feel rather like people would be tapping their feet along with it.  


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