Cassette Review // The Electric Nature "Old World Die Must" (\\NULL|ZØNE//)

Quietly, this cassette begins with electronic sounds like bugs.   A humming drone comes through and there is an overall sound of that amp being plugged in within the background as well.   Behind this is either the sound of walking in the snow or chipping at a block of ice.   There are also these muted sounds which could be vocals behind it all, but it's kind of high pitched and faster paced.   Those sounds like horns twist through now.

This all begins to come together as I can feel like these horns are blasting in unison while the cymbals and percussion join in as well.  Those muted vocals are still back there, making it feel like someone is trapped within this song.   This really starts breaking down now, as you can hear the sax just bringing forth pure chaos and the percussion following along.  

I feel like this has just dropped off into free jazz madness.   Everything is playing at the same time, so frantic and loud, just at a rapid pace.   The vocals which felt higher pitched before are now coming through deeper, more primal, and this just feels like music which if heard in the right context could be quite frightening.   I really admire how everyone is able to play in what seems like such fast and heavy terms but they still stay so technically sound.  It all comes crashing down and converges in the end.

On the flip side, we're slowly building with a medieval sound.   Though it does come through electronic in some ways, it also has a very "Lord of the Rings" vibe to it.   The sound really builds to where it just feels so full.  Synth tones come in and as the percussion slowly comes in as well the whole vibe just shifts from being calm to chaotic.   There is a driving force behind this and it sounds like there is singing in the way back as well.

A flute can be heard but at the same time there feels like a crowd is talking behind it as well.  It grows, more distorted and heavy with the guitar, screeching out of control.   A feeling like bagpipes comes through now as well and I just think of this all as being some great mythical battle, one we may never hear about it detail to see on the screen but can at least live through the sounds of percussion like clanking armor in this song.   It all just ends up crashing down as it comes to an end.  


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