Cassette Review // Peter Kris / Hyacinth. "Swimming In A Sea Of Sand" (Suite 309)

The way that the guitars come into this first track and build have an almost country feeling to them.   It feels like an electric folk at least, and this mood is brought up again on the second song as there is some John Denver in here.   There is also something very ambient about this sound, like we're floating through the sky.

On the next song it feels like these electric drums are being beaten.  This whole sound feels like space, but there are these distinct tones slicing through which have an electric metal sound to them.   They aren't quite lasers and it's not quite the drum machine, but it is a sound to hear and with what's going on with it all as well this just feels like a trip into the space jungle.

The guitars drive and wind now, feeling more like we're out in the desert with the sun beating down on us and that chance we might not make it out.   A more serious guitar loop on the next song.   Deeper, darker guitars come out now to make this feel like an independent film where something serious is happening or about to happen.   As the side comes to an end, the song just has this sound of being final.

On the flip side, the sound comes through in an ambient drone, slowly growing.   This feels atmospheric, as if it could take up the entire room.   When listening closely, you can also hear a bit of humming within this sound and that makes it all feel like something to get deeply involved with for meditation.   Tones can be heard coming through now like bells almost.  It feels like NIN in an end of the world way.

This goes into a darker abyss type of sound now; hollow.   If shadows could have a sound, this would be that sound.  There is also this feeling of this being inside of a storm, though it is calm, I just get the sense that it is dark and raining; haunted.   The static swirls around before finding its ending and this just felt like it could've been an end of the world anthem, which is also similar to the vibe on the first side.  


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