Music Review // King Falcon "Everybody's Down"


As soon as you press play on this one you'll hear a guitar chord that will carry you throughout the entire song.   The energy in this one is off the charts and as this is the opening track of the King Falcon self-titled album it feels like an appropriate way to usher you into their sound.  But to have this as the start of a rock playlist that you create would also be recommended.

This song discusses being an outcast and just that down on your luck type of person, which I feel like many people were growing up.   But it also expands upon that idea.  It's the thought that yes, life got me down and tried to make me give up, but I'm still here and I don't care what you think.   And partly for the respect and partly for the admiration of not caring what other people think, everybody is down.

Throughout this music video, there are visuals of the band playing this song through red, green and blue backgrounds.   During these, the band members are also usually silhouettes, which is a nice reflection of the song.  Whether or not we realize it, a lot of us judge musicians by how they look and so to have that image of them obscured to where you can't judge them based on their clothes etc that just goes along with the entire theme of the song.  

Whether you want to listen to a song which just really makes a statement musically or just a song which is fast, loud and guaranteed to fire you up, King Falcon has the perfect song for you with "Everybody's Down".   There are also this small element of blues in here, which can lead to further pondering if you like, but most importantly just turn this one on and turn it up.


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