Music Review // Espanola "Look To The Sky"

The sound is Espanola is one of rock.   There are parts of this song such as the keys which make it feel like the Wallflowers or something along those lines.  At the same time, it has this almost southern sound to it, such as classic rock n roll.  It's melodic and maintains a steady pace- neither really fast nor slow- throughout.

This music video begins with the singer walking into the studio and then for the most part, the video takes place as the song is performed inside of the recording studio.  There is a scene though where the singer is shown grooming his beard and he has his hat off.  At the end of that scene, he puts his hat back on and ends up back at the studio.

I'm not sure why, but this music video really just reminded me that people who have those really long beards spend more time trimming them and such than they would if they just shave.  I've always thought about growing a beard and just never shaving because it'd save time, but it feels like properly taking care of a beard would be more work than not shaving.

Ultimately this is a good song to put on a playlist if you have one for rock music.  It's something that has a pleasant musical sound to it where people shouldn't be offended by it when hearing it for the first time, but also after hearing it a few times you should at least be singing along with the chorus.  This definitely has the makings of a radio hit.  


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