Cassette Review // STORYTELLER "Anglican Scrape Attic" (Adaadat)

This is the fourth installment from Adaadat of the STORYTELLER and it is different artists telling stories, which might seem obvious but the way that this feels more like spoken word than traditional music also plays a role in it.   There are these synths and driving sounds behind the spoken words at the start, so it isn't just someone speaking- there is music as well- but there is also a story being told here.

A loud synth slip loop comes behind the spoken words before it's a dance beat back there as she says "I always fancied your brother".   Pinball machine sounds can be heard without spoken words and then a video game type dance comes in with words about a bird.  An eerie tone comes with words about a woman undressing and I've felt like the music accompanying these words was there to help set the tone the entire time.

"Who are you?" is asked into jungle beats.   Wind chimes or a music box perhaps find their way in while the spoken word talks about kids.   As Side A comes to a close, there is a story here about being without parents and just the general tone of it combined with the music reminds me a lot of "Trainspotting".   By the end of the side it breaks down into just words.

On the flip side things get a bit more intense.  There are specific pieces to pick out in the first side and different ways which the music behind it sounds.  But on the second side, the voice just begins to sound more menacing.   As such, the beats begin to grow differently, as the story is about a village on fire.   The beats just begin pulsating and while the previous side could've felt some other way, this side makes me feel like I'm in a real sense of danger.

What I enjoy about this cassette is that it has layers.  Even if you're reading this, it won't really prepare you for what you're getting into.  And so you'll start with this idea of hearing words and the music which goes with them, much like you might hear a rock band sing and not really think too deeply into the lyrics at first.  

But the more you listen to this, the more the words begin to come together and the story unfolds.   And once that story comes out for you, it cannot be unheard but it feels like you've unlocked the highest level in a video game.   Everything just becomes so clear and this cassette becomes so brilliant.  


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