Music Review // Marcus Lowry "Time, Time Time"

Marcus Lowry has definitely found a way to craft a simple sound through complex instruments.   On "Time, Time, Time" there are four other musicians playing with him and the instruments include an upright bass, viola, pedal steel and harmonium.   I do love the harmonium and so this song immediately resonates with me.  

A slow, dreary sound comes through as everyone plays and Marcus Lowry sings.   This music video acts more like a short film than anything else.  It pans out and zooms in to show these musicians playing this song inside of a large barn.  This is good for acoustics, but it's also worth noting that all of this sound seems to be coming from instruments which are not using electricity.  Having this big of an acoustic sound is really quite remarkable.

In some ways, this song reminds me of those bands from the early 2000's and into the 2010's who would play something not quite folk and not quite a sea shanty but somewhere in between.  At one point, it felt like there was an entire genre of it though I'm not sure anyone back then has the beauty and grace that Marcus Lowry does here.

When thinking about where this song fits in, it's refreshing to be reminded that not everything has to be part of a playlist for a party or abstract.   Sometimes music just needs to be chill.  Whether it's winding down at the end of the day or just trying to calm yourself for other reasons, "Time, Time, Time" feels like a reminder to take a moment every once in a while and just breathe.  


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