Cassette Review // Painted Faces "Kissing the Drain" (Already Dead Tapes and Records)

When this one starts it feels like a transmission coming through, as the electronics turn and shape the course of the sound.   Feelings like knobs being turned and the droning of electricity as people can be heard talking in the background.   This changes like that Transformers sound but then also brings about scarier tones.   A droning like a lightsaber hums through now.  

Acoustic guitars now create chaos as sonic bursts accompany them.   These acoustics have an almost country feel to them, somewhat folk, and then the singing comes in with them.   The sound switches up into something supersonic now, and I enjoy that this is going from being this very down to earth type of playing with an acoustic guitar to outerspace type of feel; from technology to grassroots.

Flute-like tones make this feel like "Kung Fu", but there are also these sort of heavily whispered vocals coming behind this and it makes it feel haunted.   Small, scattered electronic sounds come through as that breathing/speaking distortion grows louder, fuller.   The vocals come through like a chanting now, as the electronics return, it feels like we're trying to cast a spell, summon a demon or something along those lines.

Distorted electronic waves come through now and the beeps and boops come with it.   Those acoustic guitars return again, but there also is this howling like a coyote behind it.   Singing comes back, but it just feels like something haunted happening for sure.   And then this all just drops off into some heavy and deep distortion.   This all swirls around to find its way to the end of Side A.  

Heavily distorted guitar strums start things off on the flip side.   The singing comes in as well.   A loud buzzing comes through now and you can hear sounds in the background like someone is walking or doing something in a room with echoes.   This synth drives like Pole Position.   This goes into a slower sound now, something more tranquil with vocals and distorted guitars.   The vocals come through choppy and this is just trippy now.

A whistling/beeping brings out these slow, distorted chords.   This takes us into something more like percussion, hitting something metal with metal, and the singing returns as well.    At this point I am also guessing we are on the titular track because the title is part of the lyrics.   "In this empty room / Inside my brain" is a mantra I can get behind.  

We drop off into this deep bass drone now.   This is winding and that sound in the background of something happening- someone walking or banging on something- is there as well.  Definitely some heavy banging now.   Someone is talking and it feels like they're about to go off into an important speech but then it all comes to an end so whatever the context of that all was, it's over now.  


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