Music Review // Darryl Kissick "Not Myself"

Darryl Kissick brings an upbeat rock sound to "Not Myself" with reminders of both the melody of Elliott Smith and an overall vibe of Ben Kweller.  Though maybe not in the right tone, this does feel quite like a Halloween type of song as even though the music suggests otherwise it can seem spooky/scary.

This music video (which is a lyric video as well) has hands playing a piano and they look like they could belong to the Wolfman.  This makes this song feel more in that spirit of Halloween, but it also has the idea of the title and becoming a monster.  As the chorus states: "I'm not myself / These days / I'm someone else" and often times we struggle with our identities.

One thing I've always found interesting about Halloween is what costume people choose to dress up in because I feel like it's revealing about their true self.  Why dress as a firefighter one day of the year instead of making it your career path?  It just feels like this song has that mentality of not knowing who you are, but maybe you are a monster and that's okay.

I feel like the best way to not lose your identity is to not label one.  If you're vague then you can't really ever go against someone in the sense "Oh, I can't do that, that's so unlike me".  But yet there still are those times where you can feel as if you're doing things which make you question who you are.   If you've ever felt that way (and I think that we all have) then this song is for you.


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