Music Review // Mighty Glad "Mighty Glad"

Right away, you will be able to hear the beautiful harmonies on this album.   The songs come through at times as folk, gospel, blues and most importantly they have a lot of soul.  I'm reminded of an artist such as Hozier, but there are also older influences which can be taken from in here but that comes out with more of the blues sound as well.   Modern music with this much soul just feels so hard to come by these days.

"All The Way" is a definite blues song that gets me going.  "I Quit Again" has a slower, ballad feel to it but the soul really comes through as well.  Those blues guitars continue through "Rise", as the chorus sings "We rise / We rise / We rise / We fade into the night / as one".  I really like how this sound also has these lyrics which could cause an uprising and just represents such unity.  

When we get into "Send Me A Message" it slows down and can feel like a hymn.  Those soulful blues keys come out in "I'll Keep The Light" and at times the music can feel like it's rambling.  If you're into music that has those rock undertones but comes out as blues, folk or just any amount of soul then it definitely feels like Mighty Glad is something you can connect with.

My favorite part about this album is that the music feels so spiritual.  To me, music should be a spiritual experience.  But within these songs, Mighty Glad never sings about religion, but some of the lyrics could be taken to mean such things.  In this way it can appeal to those who want to see it in a religious light, but at the same time it's not going to push away those who don't and just want to appreciate it for the music and take other meaning into it.  


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