Music Review // LTtheMonk "New Monk Swing"

LTtheMonk has done a great job of creating music which embodies the essence of hip hop but also has enough soul to be related with R&B.   This song gets close to jazz at times as well, and with that it reminds me of artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and Us3.   This is the type of hip hop hybrid that was common in the 1990's but doesn't seem to be as much anymore.

This music video goes from seeing LTtheMonk playing music with the song to being in a place of fashion.   With the idea of this song being "New Monk Swing", it just all sort of vibes together in the way that LTtheMonk seems to be building a brand not only just on his sound but also on his mere presence.

While the music itself reminds me of older days, this whole aesthetic does as well.  Not just because it feels like the "New Jack Swing", but outside of Nicki Minaj, who is really out there creating this whole empire on top of their music?   You know, it's okay to be more than just your music and I think this generation really misses artists like Prince and David Bowie.

Above all else, "New Monk Swing" is a somewhat fast paced song that would be good to hear in the club or at a party.    The music is complex but the lyrics are clever and leave me wanting more.   It is rare, especially these days, for an artist to have it all together like this but LTtheMonk definitely does and that should be celebrated.  


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