Music Review // Family Man "CRAWLERS"

One of the first things you'll notice about the song "CRAWLERS" is that even though there is singing in it, the lyrics are spoken a lot of the time.   This reminds me of the Talking Heads in that "Same as it ever was" way, but also in a more aggressive way this can stand out like Suicidal Tendencies and Faith No More.

What makes this all so unique is that Family Man brings out this guitar which very much feels like a blues riff.   This begins to lift us up in a spiritual way and I begin to think of this song as having some sort of religious affect, as if we are in church.   That idea of this being a gospel, as if Family Man is giving you a sermon, just puts it into a whole new light as well.

Ultimately, this song starts off singing about the crawlers and then by the end they sing about how they are becoming one too.  I can hear some Butthole Surfers in here as well.  It just has that nasty 90's vibe to it but with some elements of blues that make it not quite grunge or alternative rock.  

This song has a steady rhythm to it and the pacing is movement.  I don't feel like it ever really gets slower or faster, but it just sort of picks up in the way that is uplifting.  At the start, I feel like we're well positioned on the ground.  But by the end, it can feel like we're floating above it all, getting higher and higher.    Such a lovely trip to take.


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