Music Review // JAXXEE "so tired"

As soon as the vocals kicked in on "so tired" I was blown away.  This has the sounds of blues, soul and even those keys which make it feel like gospel.   But these vocals just come through in a way which reminds me of musicians like Tracy Chapman.   You can just really feel it and relate with the artist, even if you've never been tired before.

But who among us hasn't been tired before?  And there are certainly different ways to be tired.   You could be tired from the banality of your routine.  You could be tired because you're too busy to get the proper amount of sleep.   You could be tired of dealing with someone else and their character traits.  And you could also very easily be any combination or all of these things at the same time.

This music video puts the musicians in the studio so you can get a glimpse into how the song is made.   Something about the visualization of the vocals just make them seem easier to feel, though with the way they come out they should be felt.   This whole song just feels like it has that way about it, where you can feel it and relate with it.

The funny thing about this song is that it gets me fired up.  It makes me feel like I'm tired too and I want the world to know about it.   So, in theory, it's good to put on if you are tired but it's not really a lullaby so it won't help you get to sleep.    Still that guitar hook and voice is enough to have anyone wanting this in their steady playlist.  


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