Music Review // Marcelo Maccagnan "Long Ago" (ft Danielle Cormier)

The sound of Marcelo Maccagnan on this song can be acoustic-based but it really has this full sound which can take over an entire room.   It's very uplifting in its sound, angelic even, and you can hear the electric guitar, percussion and bass but that acoustic guitar and vocals just take over.

Though Marcelo Maccagnan handles the musical side of this song, those beautiful vocals are from Danielle Cormier and that just adds a whole other layer to this song.   For reasons I cannot fully explain but just something which is in my head is that I feel like this song should be on the soundtrack to "Batman Forever".

This music video has images of Marcelo Maccagnan playing the acoustic guitar while singing but then also these colors just swirl around in a circle.  This overall music video vibe just reminds me of something which would've been on MTV in the 1990's and I enjoy that the song and video work so well together.

While there may not be a specific genre for this song to fall into, if you're into music which can feel empowering, calm and hectic at the same time and overall just motivate you to do whatever it is you need to do, then this is for you.   This is one of the strongest energies I've ever felt from a song and it's not even that fast paced.  


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