Cassette Review // Fir Cone Children "The Urge To Overtake Time" (Blackjack Illuminist Records)

On this Fir Cone Children cassette I became rather excited by pressing play as it begins in a rather punk rock way.   This takes us into the second song, "Snowblack", which has more of a twee feel to it but there are also parts with a really loud guitar.   "Another You" has big distortion and feels like some sort of -gaze.  It's hypnotic in the delivery of the vocals and then becomes rapid fire at the end.

"Fills Up Every Inch" is a slower, more dramatic song that has me thinking of Trail Of Dead.  For the first time in quite some while I'm having a moment of clarity because I've heard Fir Cone Children so much that I'm just used to their sound, but now I've found a new sound in Trail Of Dead that I think they reflect in many aspects.   The first side closes out on "Sydney And I", which is another fast paced song.

The flip side begins upbeat and fast.  "Let's Defy Everyday Life" is fast paced chaos and I do enjoy the message this song presents because far too often we get into that pattern of sleep/work/eat/repeat and need something to break it up.   This takes us into an upbeat, pop fuzz type of song before "It Feels Complete", which is slow and dreamy, a bit like Pink Floyd.  There is feedback coming through in this song as well.

As was the case with the first side, there was a slower, more distinct sound that would really make you stop and listen, but then the sides both end on faster songs which is also how they start.   I really enjoy that there is a variety in the pacing of these songs, but on both sides and overall it both starts and ends with a bang.  


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