Music Review // Baby Jey "What's The Point Of Saying Sorry"

As soon as this song starts, you can hear these synth tones that come through in such dance club way that I feel even without the singing this would be such a fun song to hear.   In music only, this song could come on at any time I would feel compelled to move along with it.  

The lyrics ask the question in the title and add on "If we're making love right now" and I suppose if you've moved on it doesn't matter but sometimes that admission of regret or wrong-doing is just something someone wants to hear.  But the care-free let's move past it attitude is exactly what this song brings on so it only makes sense to not say sorry.

Musically this song could be pop with those R&B elements like The Weeknd or just something flat out from a dance club vibe.   But I also hear sounds in here of rock, with bands such as Foxy Shazam and The Mooney Suzuki coming through.  I'm not saying it sounds exactly like them because the rock element is more hidden but it is still there.

Baby Jey has created a very fun and soulful song which should get you on the dance floor.  When you're thinking about it logically, you might have some discourse as to why saying you're sorry is important.   But this isn't about that.  This whole vibe is just about letting those thoughts go, letting yourself go and just getting lost in this sound.  


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