Cassette Review // Equivocator "Equivocator" (Nefarious Industries)

Equivocator combines hardcore and punk sounds on this cassette to bring forth a unique sound for this day and age.   Whenever I hear music and I'm trying to compare it with something, my mind goes backwards.  There might be more modern bands that are making music right now to compare Equivocator with, but my mind goes where it goes and I cannot help that.

Right away I feel like this reminds me the most of when I first heard The Hope Conspiracy.  There are just these raw elements that cross the line between hardcore and punk.  With singing and screaming, this is complex within the music.  Big, chugging guitar chords can still be heard and this is just hard-hitting.  

There is also a lot of energy in here.  I am reminded of both boysetsfire and old school The Offspring within these melodies.   There is chaos, like a tornado, and just big guitar riffs overall.   Between punk and hardcore, if you're someone who is only into one of those two genres for some reason I still believe you can find comfort within these songs.  

Genres seem to have really blurred lines these days, but Equivocator has a sound where they could play shows with other punk bands or shows with other hardcore bands and fit right in.   This isn't always something that bands can do, but there have been bands in the past who have done it and I just think this cassette deserves your time because of how good it is regardless of genre.  


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