Music Review // Robert Jon & The Wreck "Hold On"

Robert Jon & The Wreck have created what is, by many standards, a southern / classic rock style ballad.   "Hold On" has starts and stops within it, a guitar solo and those keys to remind you of the subtle hints of gospel and blues.  The lyrics are just belted out, but in terms of songs by Robert Jon & The Wreck this just feels like one of their slower ones (though still comparatively fast paced)

The music video begins with a rollercoaster, which can also be seen later on during the video, and it just embraces that idea of holding on.  When you think about holding on in a physical sense, what is a better way to symbolize it?  You get in, put your straps on and hold on so you don't fall out.   This also feels like a good way of representing aspects of life and deeper diving into the lyrics.

During this song, Robert Jon & The Wreck question how long they can hold on.  At the same time, they ask when they are holding on how long can they remain strong.   I think of literally hanging from a metal bar in the air.  The way you hold on, and continue to do so, is based upon your strength.  As soon as you lose that strength, you drop.  You stop holding on.

At the same time, this song isn't about just thinking of that "Hang In There Baby" poster with the cat on it.  "Hold On" can have lyrics that could be taken to dissect a relationship- in the sense of how much will you tolerate before walking away- but it can also just feel like such a great revolutionary type of song.   It can potentially cause the working class to rise up and I'm definitely all in for that.  


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