Music Review // Sunshine Express "I LUV SEX"

If I knew this was what I was going to be getting into when watching a video called "I LUV SEX", I might have been more prepared.   Sunshine Express begins this video with the words "We are all dying".   They go on, through text on the screen, to explain how as we get older we change and many of us have that to look forward to, but some don't.   They say how the number of cases of terminal illness in children has gone up over the years.

What they say is true though because if you're not affected directly by this, many people don't really think about terminal illness in children.   So Sunshine Express put together a show for a number of these children and this song was from that.  Listening to the lyrics and the song in general I still am not sure why this is the title.

Musically, this starts off sounding like Twenty One Pilots but then it has this guitar distortion that switches into this shoegaze sound.   It combines dance with the loudness and I'm just so much into this song for the sound of it.   The lyrics ask about being someone else for the night and it's a good way to sort of take these kids out of what they're going through and giving them this positive experience.

I'm not saying we all need to walk around every day constantly thinking about death, but I do feel like one of the biggest tragedies in this life is the children who are taken too soon.  They don't even get the chance to experience things that many of us take for granted.  We need to talk about it more.   We need to work harder on preventing it from happening.   And if this music video and song brings awareness to that then it should be shared around just for that.  


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