Music Review // King Falcon "King Falcon"

King Falcon has a sound that showcases the various aspects of rock n roll on their self-titled album.    It starts off distorted and reminds me of bands such as The Kinks, The Hives and The Cars.   There is a bit of that "What I Like About You" feel here, as I just imagine King Falcon as being a fun band, jumping around the stage as they play their music live and getting the crowd moving along with it as well.

Within ll of this energy comes the guitars.   "Rabbit Gets The Gun" is one of the songs on here which really has that guitar-driven sound that also can just feel so powerful.  "Soul Sucker" has the starts and stops while "Ride" is fairly catchy.  "My Name Is" brings out a bit of the blues, which is that range I was talking about, and by "On Your Soul" there is more of a pop punk feeling which reminds me of Yellowcard.

As the album comes to an end, "Go On" is a bit slower so it feels like we're ending on a ballad, though it is only slow in comparison with the other songs on this album.  One thing about music I think many artists miss these days is an album shouldn't just feel like a collection of songs.  There should be a method in which the songs make you feel- the ups and down, highs and lows.  King Falcon has that pacing down to where this feels like a perfect rock album.

If you're a casual music listener to where you enjoy rock music but don't like to think or talk about it too much, then this album has a lot of surface value where you'll just hear things which appeal to you.   But if you really like to get into music, the range of King Falcon will leave you impressed.  The second time through this album you'll hear things you didn't the first time.  On top of the music, the lyrics will also eventually get you too.  


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