Music Review // Eunice Keitan "Cobalt Sea"

The sound of Eunice Keitan is one of pure pop beauty.   "Cobalt Sea" has this way of feeling light, musically, and it just feels like everyone would enjoy this song as well, as the overall tone of it is pleasant.   It can be fast moving in the pace, steady, and much like the ocean itself, somewhat unpredictable.

One thing that I am perhaps as obsessed with / curious about as space is the ocean.  It's so vast that you never really know what all is going on with it.   Eunice Keitan has the chorus hook in this song of: "I am an anchor in this ocean / You have no power over me" and when you consider how the ocean can feel so unruly yet an anchor can hold things down so strongly, this becomes quite powerful.  

Those waves and storms you might find at sea can be compared with the trials and tribulations one could experience during life.  But your feet stay firmly planted on the ground.  You cannot be stopped.   Lyrically, I very much enjoy this concept.  This music video also has this way of showing just stunning visuals throughout of the beach, Eunice Keitan and just the ocean itself.  

Before the end of this song there is a fairly large musical break down, just showcasing the range.  This sound isn't one that's easy to think of because it doesn't have a strong sound of guitar or drums, but it does still feel like pop but not overly catchy.   I definitely feel like people who can hear this song will like it especially if you happen to also be a fan of the ocean.  


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