Music Review // Jimmy Rankin "Harvest Highway"

Jimmy Rankin has created one the best driving songs that I hope becomes a part of playlists as much as "Life is a Highway" is.   Through acoustic rock and the sounds of Americana along the lines of Neil Young and Sheryl Crow, this song is about driving on the surface but obviously the lyrics can be read into a bit deeper as well.

But just the way that this music moves and the lyrics are about missing exits makes me feel like the best time to listen to this song is while driving.  It can especially provide comfort in a cross country drive or just whenever you might be crossing state lines.  There is just something very down to earth about this song that makes it one for the road.

When you consider how many songs exist and how few of them have this way about them of driving, this really does make "Harvest Highway" feel special.  The lyrics might say things like: "I'm feeling older" but you could also just use that as a point of reference if it feels like you've been driving down the same road for way too long.

Everything except for the nice trucker part in this song really makes me think about the literal fact of being out there driving and just the path we take in life.   Everything can feel quite easy to compare, and with this song Jimmy Rankin makes it easy, but even if you don't ever drive or ride anywhere, you can still hear this song as part of your life journey.  


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