Cassette Review // The Fantastic Imagination "Elf Death" (BLIGHT. Records)

When this starts it feels like electronic balls are bouncing around in space.  There is just such a nice, almost video game way about this.   This leads to these magic sounding synths cutting through the atmosphere while the guitar winds behind it all.   It's such a mystical sound that makes me feel like we're floating inside of a dream and a Flaming Lips song at the same time.   Vocals come through in a very dreamy way and this just feels so smooth.

Electronics come through steady now, beeps and boops.   Quieter, more spread out synth comes in now to where it feels like we're just floating.   Vocals return but I'm not sure if they're singing words and this just creates this funky electronic sound.   What this reminds me of is those older classic rock bands that would play songs like "Lowrider" except instead of what instruments you would think of in a rock band, there are electronics in here and it's just spaced out.

The waves steady and it feels like we're in this vacuum of space and time, just swirling around but also floating so it might become our downfall but right now you just ride the wave and it's fun.   Beats begin pulsating now and it feels like we're going on more of a serious drive here.   This begins a series of electronic balls bouncing around once again with this synth almost horn like sound behind them.   Then it begins to feel like water, but instead of water we're digging through a bunch of Legos.  

We find ourselves now, once again, back into this calm where the music is at a steady rhythm but also has these sort of soothing sounds within it.   This is electronic but it feels so much like something you could listen to while you meditate.   The pace picks up and it feels like we're on a drive through the jungle now with very specific intent.  

On the flip side we begin with electronics, beeping a bit, and then this brings in some beats which create quite the electronic mayhem.   This takes us into a song with electronics which now sound like they're making a wah-wah type of sound and the percussion is just right on.   Blissful tones come through now to lift us up and this started off a bit more frantic but has just become celestial.  

The keys come through now in an ambient way and this has shifted to a peaceful state of mind.   This really feels like it's taking us to a place of enlightenment now and it even feels like the sitar might be coming through with it.    As the next song comes out quieter at first, it has synth tone patterns which flutter through.   Video game like tones come through now in a rhythm which makes it feel exciting.

Everything shifts now into this somewhat trippy guitar riff with drums accompanying it and singing coming out though I'm not sure there are words.    This all expands and becomes this acoustic sounding guitar part, which might still be electric but it sounds acoustic.  Dramatic tones come in with singing now and I'm thinking of "Logan's Run".   The synth drops off as this song comes to an end.

We return with this deep, shocking type of electric bass sound and there are haunted moans behind it.   This feels like something out of a horror film.  I also just feel like we're going into the swamp to fight "Swamp Thing", but then the drums kick in and it feels more uplifting.   Those Knight Rider tones come in now.   It feels like it just up and floated away by the end of this song and that's a beautiful way for this to end.  


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