Music Review // The Bankes Brothers "C'est La Vie "

I enjoy the expression "C'est La Vie" because it can be so easily added to anything that happens in life and it just makes it feel more relaxed.  You can have a break up or lose your job and it's just "Ah, but so is life" and it's just that feeling of taking the good with the bad because that's how life is.  

The Bankes Brothers capture that feeling in this song.   A melodic rock n roll number, this has me feeling like The Strokes and just that overall indie rock radio vibe.  There are lyrics about different situations within this song, but they will all be met with “C'est La Vie” so it just leaves you with that apathetic feeling in some ways as well.

This music video is a lot of fun because it goes back and forth between the band being at a lake swimming and in the studio recording.   The lake part is really fun because it feels like summer camp.   Summer camp is something that’s fun when you’re a kid because you feel like it’s that break from reality and what happens there is separate from the real world you go back to when the summer is over.

Music feels a lot like summer camp and that’s captured in this song.  The idea that whether you’re on tour or in the studio recording an album, it’s that moment in time where everything revolves around that and then ultimately it is back to reality before it can all happen again.   But life is a series of moments and events, so this song is the perfect soundtrack to that concept of living freely.  


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