Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Music Review // iskwē "End Of It All"

Through blissed out tones, iskwē finds a way to create music which feels like elements of rock, pop and R&B combined.   There isn't really a comparison for this sound and the way that the vocals as if they're being sung in unison by so many different people all at once just also makes it stand out.

The lyrics of this song suggest a relationship which was at first going through a rough spot so measures were taken to try and save it but it ended up not working out.   I feel like this is an important lesson for life.  It's not naïve and you're not stupid for trying to make something work, but when you've exhausted all of the options and it just doesn't seem to be viable then you have to know when to walk away.

At the same time, people shouldn't be so easy to give up.  I think of life in terms of relationships and many other aspects of it in the same way that a doctor would a patient.  If that patient dies, you want to be able to say that you did all within your power that you could to try and save them.  There's no failure in trying everything and having it not work.   At that point it's just fate.  

Whether you want to listen to an upbeat song that feels like jumping rope or you want to contemplate your life and question whether or not you're giving it your all, "End Of It All" could be something you'll want to listen to.   Even if you don't want to get that deep with it, this song is just a lot of fun to listen to musically.  

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