Music Review // Mary Scholz "Poems from Earth"

"Poems from Earth" is a collection of songs which can feel as if they are really drawing you back to nature.   Mary Scholz has a way of playing acoustic, folk songs which just remind me of the Earth for many reasons and that just feels obvious based on the title as well.    There is beauty within this sound and at times the way Mary Scholz sings can remind me of Tori Amos.

The second song on this EP is titled "Montana" and it is about that state.   I feel like Montana is a state which isn't really talked about a lot and as someone who lives in a state that people don't know is part of the US, I like this representation.  Lyrics such as: "Just you and me, a summer breeze and an open road" give you a sense of that down to earth / hits close to home feeling of this EP.

"Weight of the World" takes on two parts and closes out the portion of the EP before the live version of "Streetlights".    During the first part of "Weight of the World" the question is asked: "Where do you see yourself in thirty years / And do you think maybe you'll disappear".  I certainly hope that within that time I can kind of fade into the background, but then this turns into the similar question of "Where do you see the earth in fifty years" and whether or not Earth might still be here.

Even if you don't see yourself being here in fifty years, you still want to hope that the Earth is still here for the next generation.   Questions such as these raise thoughts which really is what this music is all about.  The music is here and just should be enjoyed by anyone who hears it while at the same time the poetry within these lyrics comes out in the sense that they are to be deeply examined.


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