Music Review // Darryl Kissick "In the Middle"

There are a lot of reasons why someone might find themselves "In the Middle".  I, myself, am a middle child so I feel like I have been in the middle for my entire life.  But sometimes there are just those situations between two people or two forces where you can't help but feel like you have to get involved.

Darryl Kissick takes us on this slow, trippy rock journey through this song.  It feels chill and has vibes like What Made Milwaukee Famous, Typhoon and Richard Edwards.  At one point there is this sort of dinging within the sound as well which makes me feel like we're in an emergency.  That makes this stand out as something more than just a straight forward rock song.

One of the lines in this song though that makes me really think about it is: "That you don't recognize yourself" and I just imagine this as being some sort of spiritual journey but also in a physical way.   And if you really think about it, to some extent it can be true that who we are know might become unrecognizable to who we are ten years from now and that puts us in the middle in that sense.

Regardless of what part of your life you are in or if you're literally in the middle of a situation right now, Darryl Kissick will provide you with a soundtrack to just sit back, relax and really think about things.  Maybe you don't think you're in the middle of something right now, but if you hear this song and really listen to it, you might end up changing your mind.


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