Cassette Review // BUNDA LOVE "Foreman's Mustache"

There is this sound as if items are being rustled around, but they sound like heavier items than what I'm used to hearing so it feels like it's someone going through some sort of tool set.  Sharp pitches come through along with deeper, almost growls.    This then takes on a sound like percussion, but also pots and pans at the same time.  A primal sound of vocals comes during this as well.

While it would be easy to just think of this as being chaotic and noisy, there is a very controlled manner in which this chaos is being delivered.   Ultimately it calms down and then singing can be heard with the tapping of glasses.   I can definitely hear cymbals crashing now and then a thumping.   Big, pounding percussion now and a sort of whistle / alarm coming through with it.  This can definitely feel like an emergency on a spaceship.

A very sharp sound comes through now with some singing.   It comes through in waves.   That feeling of percussion persists, as does the singing.  This feels very bare bones, very primal in its delivery as if it's going back to the time of cavemen discovering how they can manipulate sound for the first time.   The sound switches now to yelling as the drums get more rapid and it just feels like punishment, as if someone is being scolded for something they did wrong.

Everything gets quieter but still hectic as a low drone comes in with the beating of the snare sound.   This turns into some very impressive drumming, just percussion on another level.  Screaming comes through in a talking form but I cannot make out any of the words and sometimes it's even behind the sound of the drumming.   A gong sounds now and very deep bass vocals are speaking.  

This cassette takes a break on Side A to where I thought it was over, but it is back now with loud and chaotic sounds from both percussion and vocals once again.   There is a rhythm to this now and it just feels like we're gaining steam such as on a train.   It just keeps building, faster and faster.   Screams come through now, as if pained, as ambient music drones behind.   I definitely hear a series of ones coming out now, spoken, as bells are being played like a xylophone.  


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