Music Review // Sun Junkies "Stay 4 The Night"

Sun Junkies have created such a powerful song filled with energy and distortion.   The rock n roll style song borders on punk.   It feels like My Chemical Romance to some extent, and not just because the chorus sings "ba da da dat da dat da da" more than once.  But with the heaviness and vocal delivery, by the end I'm also thinking about the band Say Anything.

When this song has about a minute left it dives off into this musical part, it almost feels like it ended, but then it comes back and picks up where it left off.  I really do enjoy when songs think outside of the verse/chorus/verse box, as Sun Junkies do here, and so for the structure of this song alone you should be listening to it.

This song opens with lyrics about missing his friends but not thinking they'd answer if he called them now.   While this may or may not be true from the perspective of the old friend, the fact is that this will ultimately be true because if you don't call them then they can't answer.  It's that defeatist attitude which spoils the outcome and I find it so twisted and enjoyable within the words.

"Stay 4 The Night"- which isn't even said a lot during the song itself- is a great anthem of controlled chaos.   This song is a great way to liven up a playlist or if you're like me and your mood depends on the music then this is also just such a great song for when you need that added burst of energy.   Just put it on and sing along, even if only to the words that aren't words.


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