Cassette Review // Dracula Pamphlet "curse go back"

This cassette begins with some magical sounds, which turn into a lot of shaking of bells.   Horns come blaring through and then someone can be heard screaming "No! Curse go back!"  There is a bit of chaos within this music, but it also just feels like someone is in the fight of their life while making it.   Some other singing comes out now, but I'm not sure what is being said.

An element of free jazz, just music which is too wild to be explained, can be heard in here as well.   The percussion is thumping.   This also just feels like destruction, to where everything around it is either already broken or being broken down.  I'm hearing possibly a flute now, possibly a sax or maybe even both.   Strings begin to twang and creating an illusion of calming down.

On the flip side we begin with the sound of bells jingling and grunting.   This sounds like it is causing someone a great deal of pain.   A humming joins into the rhythm of this now.   Tones slowly come in now like an accordion.   There is this feeling of pain, but also like this haunted feeling of ghosts slowly coming through as well.

While there is this animalistic quality to this sound, like Frank Goshit, there is also just this sound of pain.   And I know it can feel like at times this music is pained but it's more than that.   It feels like the music itself at times is causing the person who is doing the vocals pain.  This sound itself feels like a weapon and that's a way which I don't think I've really heard sound used before so that's definitely something worth checking out.  


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