Cassette Review // id m theft able "clean houses exude fear"

The first song on here stays fairly true to its name of "No Indie Rock at the STD Clinic", as there are electronics looping behind words which feel like rap.   It has a certain energy though, you could definitely dance to it.    This leads into a song with higher pitched vocals about being a trash man and these laser skips behind it.  

We go into the third song now, which has infomercial type synth behind it and a rapid beat.  Percussion comes in next with some chaos as the words "ass sticking to the seat" are repeated in various ways.    This takes us into "The List" which has a very distinct, magical guitar type of sound with deeper vocals now but this higher pitched sound comes through in bursts in front of this all.  It could be this straight forward rock song but the other sound within it makes it rather strange.  

As the deeper vocals go into "keep back" repeating a lot, the higher pitched sound almost tries to mock it.   This feels a bit like Butthole Surfers now.  And the higher pitched sound is also singing about being on "The List".   As the higher pitched singing takes over, it really begins to sound like Elmo by the end as well.  

On the flip side, we begin with this robotic type of singing, Phil Collins type beats and then this other voice singing along with just "oohs" and "aaahs" type of sounds.    "Mirror in the Dirt" has a very lo-fi way about it, though there are these high pitched keys behind it as well.   This turns into an all around high pitched sounding song which says "don't let me hold you back" and in some ways it feels rather punk.

Slower beats come in now as words such as "mall" and "food court" are being repeated.   As we get closer to the end, the title of this song is being said and as this is "When I'm Dead Put My in the Fountain in the Maine Mall" though when I'm dead I'd like my ashes spread wherever the New York Mets are playing at the time and perhaps just spread while no one knows what's going on either.  

The last song begins with just vocals very quickly saying things like "fuck the fog" and "cut the fog".   The word "fog" is coming through a lot.   Eventually, the song begins to sing the title and this entire song is vocals.  


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