Music Review // OurGlassZoo "Free (Kutmasta Kurt Remix)" ft. Prevail, Moka Only

To create a song called "Free" in the year 2023 is such an important thing because so many people still aren't free from various aspects of their life.  Whether you're in a war torn country or just stuck on social media, there are different levels to needing to be free and hopefully this song can send a message that can help us all to reach that goal.

In a lot of ways, I think people get stuck in their own world of problems and that makes it more difficult for them to help others with bigger problems.   If you're walking down the street, staring at your phone because you're arguing with someone on social media you might not see the people who are right in front of you that need help as well.  But I think that as we all slowly unravel those layers, we can all begin to help each other out so that we are all ultimately free.

OurGlassZoo has a sound of hip hop.   There is singing in the chorus but two different rappers have verses.  There is a drum kit, bass line and a saxophone and trumpet backing it all up.  It doesn't really sound like hip hop I've heard before, in a musical sense, which brings a fresh take to styles made more mainstream by artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy and The Roots.  

One of the most important aspects of this song is that it has a message that is universal.  In any language, in any country, most all of us need to be freed from something.   The sound itself is one that I feel like people would relate with on a mainstream scale.  Even if you're "not into rap", this song could still sit well in your playlist and, most importantly, the message will shine through and help us all.  


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